23 DEC 2020

Old toys and Christmas elves

What will Anton make of older gifts?

Dec 23rd, 2020 Come settle down next to the fire, help yourself to a mince pie and glass of mulled wine for we have a festive delight for you. This episode we take a relaxed look at popular toys from days gone bye, what will Anton make of Tonka Trucks, Pet Rocks and Cabbage Patch kids? But it’s not long until the warmth of the fire sends the drowsy child to sleep, but he’s awoken by a visitor checking up which list, naughty or nice, he should be on…

Christmas toys of yesteryear

A selection of popular toys you may remember. What will Anton thank of them?

Toy lists

Santa’s Little helper’

Anton is woken by a Christmas elf. What will he have to say...?


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Welcome to the curiosity of a child episode 24 and it's nearly Christmas and we're recording in the lounge today, fire going, that's right. Yep, nice and warm and snug.

Please we got a bit of a Christmas episode in store for you. Nice and relaxed, although I could do with a bit of mulled wine, isn't actually that be nice unfortunately. Have any?

And this episode, as you know, before we start, are you excited about Christmas?

Yes, very.

Yeah, I've noticed actually your excitement building over the last few days, so why are you excited?

Because I get presents and I give some presents.

And I get to see family.

Yeah all good things. Yeah, we are fortunate actually that we can see family over here as we've avoided the worst of Kareena anyway. So this episode we are going to look at some old toys that people used to get in their previous years, some from actually when I was a young boy.

Just like.



About then, yes, yes, that's right, and I'm going to see what you think of them and how they compared to today's storeys.

So should we get on with the show?

Yep, I'm with the show.

I was looking for lists of some of the most popular toys throughout the ages and I like them, were fairly US centric, but they still give a good idea. Okay of what people would have had and some of the earlier ones are going to come here. They won't necessarily aimed at the Christmas markets, they were just toys that would have been popular at Christmas time, but then later on as.

The toy market greys. They were actually launched more Christmas and there's ways that race to be the number one Christmas toy.

So way, way, way back along long time ago, about the 1860s and before then obviously as well, but we drums were very popular.

What do you think of drums?

Um, I think that I'm not sure actually. So we don't. You don't really think of toy drums anymore. Maybe like baby toys where you get a basic drum or something.

Well, my uncle. I remember he went on holiday somewhere coming for where and he came back with a drum and he says that it was a lot of drum was human skin and believed this day. Actually I think he's still telling the truth then.

Actually, I think it's too.

Or maybe it's a joke, put him.

Oh, very good.

In the 1870s, the Zoetrope rail was very popular. Now you actually had one of these.

Yeah, it's like a lots of pictures and you put it in a thing that can spin around and then you look at the pictures and then it turns into like a little animation.

Exactly, yeah, yes, it's a long strip of paper with different frames on and there's that rotates. You see the animation.

A different one coz that the one we got a picture here for H1 I think.

And this has, like a little frame for it, for when it spins around. So it's actually like a screen.

Exactly, yeah, and it was first painted it in 1867 and hinted at the love of animation cartoons and things that kids would have in the future.

It's like a spinning flip book.

Yeah, is exactly yeah yeah. So the pictures of the classic kind of galloping horses well?

Windy thing so it can spin around.

Yes, bit of a fancy one that isn't it.

And then of course he got the teddy bear.


do you know why they called Teddy bears?

Here invented them.

Now it was after President Theodore Teddy Roosevelt. And yeah, 92. He went hunting and he wanted to shoot a bear and one was caught and it was tidy up, but he refused to shoot it because unsportsmanlike and kind of that Storey got around and that was at least in America. Part of the reason why they became so popular.

Bad name also came into Europe, then around the same time in Germany, Teddy bears will see being kind of developed. Yeah, sounds funny to say you develop a teddy bear doesn't? Yeah and we've got an old advert here for Teddy bears are all the rage. The best play thing ever invented.

Best placing one word.

Do you agree?

You don't really think them so much as a placing more like a snuggle up everything.

Now, these bears are the most sensible and serviceable toys ever put before the public. Not a fad or a campaign article, but something which has come. And unfortunately the rest of the adverts cut off.

Don't you think it's something that has come to stand for quality playtime for children across the globe?

Now the next one is not exactly a toy, but it was a popular gift, probably for richer families. So 1981 in fact, gone back in time here, and it's the Victor talking machine. And there's another advert here, so I put these within the show notes. So I think this Pretty Little bit later. This ad listening and learning the Victor Talking Machine is the ideal gift for children. It develops the musical sense by teaching them the best in song and music rendered by the leading artists of the world.

No other machine will reproduce the masterpieces faithfully, naturally perfectly.

Simple mechanism and indestructible records make it a perfect instrument for home or public use, so I'm not sure the records are indestructible. That's like when CDs first came out, people said, then district when you could. I think it's on tomorrow's world, just a TV programme. They had some first CDs and a jam with them and see how you can just wipe them clean and then continue to play them.

Last night the ultimate test.

Yes, the jam test. So what do you think of the Victor talking machine?

I like the little poster and sounded interesting.

Right now the next one I think you're going to like this from 1980.

East even.


favourite rifles? Yeah, look at this. This is a gun. Quite big gun, yeah well your kind of thing I think.

That's a Christmas tree as well in the background.

Yes, so let me read some. The advert text 2 boys and a young girl playing with their Christmas toys is that Doggie and doggie, yes.

Santa Claus has percent fees being the one great attraction at this time of year.

Parents are now wondering what is best to buy for their boy and as an outdoor life should be encouraged, why not give him the necessary articles to enjoy every many sport?

As shooting is one of the most interesting of them, presents him with one of our favourite rifles. Now. What's interesting about this is actually the manufacturer wasn't Toy Company. Yeah, it was actually gunsmith.

So they made real guns.

That's cool, there are real guns. Just the reloading things are stuck in place and you can't actually put bullets in.

Yes, so they were the biggest gunsmiths in America actually. Now onto magic lanterns. Do you know what they are?

Nope, I kind of like an early type of projector towards the end of the 19th century they were started to be marketed towards children. So got another advert here. So these are juvenile magicallantern outfits.

Snappy headline

yes yeah, the young people not only drive great pleasure from giving Magic London exhibitions, but the business training which they will gain in all the various details connected with the management of an entertainment pitting up advertising posters, selling tickets, ET cetera.

Give some ideas of the Reedham entries of money making.

And it starts on the highway to business success. Say the idea here is not anywhere. Do you have a magic Lantern for being able to project your own pictures you put on shows and performances and learn business skills to click so they're thinking kind of right. Quite broadly, Huntley with this.

One, yeah, that's like.

It's quite funny.

Say watch things to learn business.

But I think he would.

That appeals to you anyway, because you like doing your little business ventures, don't you making things.

So I think the game for the entire market there.


Now going to 1983. So fine lots of toys at the turn of the century. You see this next one's actually produced into a 1935 as well, and it's the Humpty Dumpty circus with 10,000 and one new tricks painted in this and in foreign countries.

And what do you think of that?

It's just it's like a circus thing, but with lots of.

Little figures and looks like you can do a little tricks. It's a bit like game. We've got good Meeple Circus where you stack up, they do people who are meatballs.

Yes, great fun game. You gotta do circus accident in your characters, but with the Humpty Dumpty circus, I'm guessing they fell over a lot, and I don't actually see any egg there or or. Canon, has Humpty Dumpty was a Canon I think yeah, but the advert says toys that Gladden the hearts.

About their little ones, the newest and best unbreakable toy seem very important. Back then, that unbreakable.

Yes, of course.

Yeah, think about the elephant can do tricks you never heard of.

Maybe balancing on its trunk.

Well, yes, I did that before.

And the donkey is cuter than any animal that Barnum ever had. Then there is the horse, hobo and the dog, the ringmaster, the Lady Rider.

And the and the gates. So obviously it's a little bit out of date for today's language, isn't it?

So you can see how toys are changed. Thankfully since then, yeah.

But I think he quite like this one.

I just noticed another elephant and it's got like wheels and like a seat.

So that the thingamajigs figures can sit inside it, drive around dinner.

Yeah, Mr Clowns get ladders and Allsorts say 1985.

Popular toy in that year was the.

Studebaker junior.

And there's a Christmas advert actually for it here.

A Christmas morning surprise.

Yeah, So what is the toy?

It's like a school bag and.

National smokes, there's on the fireplace behind it. It's like yeah, it's like a waggon or.

If you get pushchairs for fake babies.

Yeah yeah, price £10, that's quite a lot of money.

Can anything delights the hearts of boys and girls as a Studebaker junior waggon. Why not let this splendid children's gift make a memorable Christmas in your home will be memorable for you as well As for the youngsters. For your heart will thrill as you hear their joyous exclamations when the waggon is discovered Christmas morning. Say if you wake up, came down to our miniature Christmas tree this year.

And resending above it, yeah to find this waggon. Would I hear this will of joy.

No, be like you wasted your money on this.

But it hasn't Oak frame.

Okay, like it again now.

And it's actually is produced by will. A wheel is produced by Avery or Wagonmaker as well, so they made miniature versions of their actual waggons should quite like.

Now a classic one here train sets and got fighter here. Actually from the 1960s.

Hit the dads enjoying that.


Is one of the best things about some presences. Does do you enjoy them more?

Anne and I remember actually I had a train set which Gramps made with Santa Claus. He actually had to help centre out with production and I'm guessing it was produced in the shed and somehow I didn't see it. He must have hidden and had the track they went right round and did a loop, went through a tunnel.

But you don't really what you don't realise is that he actually knocked the shed and told you not to go in it.

And I'm thinking of a Dutch Christmas song about a rabbit at the moment.


I'll try and find it in today mate. It's quite funny. Need the translation, the lyrics there. Anyway, back to train sets? Yes I words because I like my army man so I would kind of have some battling over the over the train station. Then as the treatment around it kind of run them over and things like that with their derailing. Lovely is cool.

You just stuck a load of people to steal, derail it, yeah?

Now coming popular, particularly 1920s, where chemistry sets and they actually had lots of interesting ingredients in them, such as sodium cyanide, say.

Probably didn't even know half and did.

Well, yeah, well, I'll read the text in a minute and it's quite funny when it says yes, I 19 oh, that's pretty dangerous and there is one that came with a blow torch. Apparently there was at last blowing Kit as well. Second last playing at home. I'm sure parents loved us at the kitchen table setting fire.

And it gets colder than that. Actually, based in the 1950s they had Nicola sets, and they contained uranium dust.

So he funny.

So there might be some glowing children. This is the Gilbert chemistry outfit.

Three chemistry outfits with instructions for performing many interesting experiments are programme of chemical magic is included.

None of the chemicals used are classed as poisonous.

But we know that not to be the case now.

I think it's quite funny, but that's pretty cool.

Yo yo yeah, so the 1920s. Well, when they kind of modern craze started and they went out of fashion a bit. I think during the war then came back in the 1960s.

Yeah, but they came back with loads of different stars on yes, but hang on a minute. Where's the conkers in this?

Ohh yeah well Congress though they are a timeless gift under the bit before Christmas as well.

Yeah, the autumn gift.

Here is a Greek picture from.

440 BC There looks like there's a child playing with yo.

I remember that on Horrible Histories and I remember there was like a song about inventing everything there. Yeah, we always include. It was really cool.

Another picture in 1770 India here for ya.

Nice picture.

Yeah, but I said the modern yoyo. It was in the 1928 was when that was developed and it's actually a Filipino immigrant to the United States. And when I was at school and people days, there's always the talk of them being a deadly weapon and that's why they re invented.

Just throw, throw them around.

Now you kind of high up in a tree. Yeah, you get.

Around the neck and allsorts of lethal.

Can come up with so many ideas, yeah?

Maybe we should. There could be a spin off podcast or YouTube channel where we demonstrate on each other.

1939 and got the View Master.

Alight projects through a thingymajigs buggles and then you put a disc into it with lots of pictures on and then a light shines through I think or something shines through it to project the picture and you can turn the disc around to see which for different pictures.

Yeah, well somebody projecting just looking through Auntie. Yeah, how many of these discs or Wales do you think were sold?

5 million 5,000,000 final answer.

Try 1.5 billion.

Place I got the 5,000,000 there right know that would be 500,000,000, yeah?

Maybe is 1.5 billion, five 100.

Million like how 1.5 billion sold only discs sold. I know there's more more discs than the actual goggles, but there must be just some disc sets without the goggles, so you kind of build up a collection.

Yeah, by the separate, I want to actually how many of the view Masters were actually sold, say and how many?

Discs people had expressed overnight 50 on average per person are 1.5 billions a lot.

K 1945 and it is this that we've had, I've had.

Slinky I broke mine.

And we need it because when the best things you can do I think is holding up to your ear.

I love doing that.

Yeah, what's it sound like?

It's like lasers. Yeah, it's really cool.

Invented by mistake and potential, or not exactly invented found. Yeah mistake when I on a ship as spring came loose and started going down the stairs like like this thinking.

Of you been reading my nights about to ask you how it was made?

No, I just remembered for school in a few things I've learnt.

Yeah, it was a mechanical engineer called Richard James and he kind of knocked over something. And yeah, so that classic walking Mason then spent the next two years perfecting.

The design and he demonstrated at a Philadelphia Department store just before Christmas of 1945, and since then millions have been sold.

I reckon this could be one of the favourites.

To some post World War Two plus static soldiers.

Yeah, I didn't get the typing properly.

Plastic soldiers.

Yes, so plastic soldiers they've been around for a long, long time. Toy soldiers have been around for a long, long time and they actually found military figures in Egyptian teams, but interface with toys or not. To mention kids playing.

With their slaves or gods, and then they'll have them for the afterlife.

Back in the 17th 30s, tin soldiers were starting to be produced in Germany. Then I think maybe in the 1840s or so there was.

Casting technique developed in England where they could be hollow.

Tin soldier

it's bigger than other ones. I do you like 170 second scale so 72 times smaller?

Yeah, you got lots of figures from thanks haven't you? Yes, I like making these ti thanks to mate lots as well when I was your age and I still help you now.

Yes, then after World War Two plastic soldiers became more popular because they were cheaper and easier to manufacture.

And there's been lots sold. I think the there was one person he died in 1990. I think it was, but he had the largest collection at the time and how many soldiers do you think he had?



Through questions today.


He had, I think there's 90,000.

Sophie, more than you.

Could do some big battles there, yeah?

But army men need transport, don't they?

In 1947, the first Tonka trucks were made.

What do you think that the manufacturer of these Tonka trucks originally produced?

Trucks like big ones.

No, I've caught you out here I.

Mean hang on 5,000,000.

Gardening tools nice and what it was. I think the factory or something that they moved into the person who held the lease before that she had some paint and some some toys and they convinced the company whose name I haven't written down to produce these toys and that's how Tonka trucks Prescott started saying that there are big as well.

They look big.

Will be plastic now, but there's a certain charm to the metal once you end.

Up there rest.

Yeah, but you can imagine.

Kids cutting himself and then getting tetanus.

Keep that in.

So no introduction is needed for our next to me on the list. As you know, not going to you can introduce it. So in 1949 was the introduction of Lego. Yeah, I mean this has been many kids favourite toy.

Yeah, we should probably watch that documentary about it again.

The one where there showing how they design the things. Yeah, that was really interesting.

And the James may. Lego House is pretty good as well.

Actually, the entire series was really good toys, yes?

That's true about 600 billion Lego bricks have been made, and the very first ones produced was still fit together with the latest kits today, it's pretty good, I think. Yeah, legacy.

Change to do much.

Just more and more colours and shapes.

Then in the 1950s he's this.

Potato man.

The potato man.

Mr Potato head. I think he had a bit of a renaissance with toy Storey from the characters there.

And Mrs Potato head.

Yes, let's bring up spin offs as well now.

Like potato men.

Yes, potato men and the potato dog.

Never take carrots.

Potato potatoes.

And keeping the vegetable theme.

Cabbage Patch kids.

Yeah for 1983 and for some reason we keep talking about Cabbage Patch kids and you're curious what they were there they are beautiful, aren't they?

Here fat

I don't quite adequate on. I think your auntie wanted one of these. I seem to remember that from my childhood I might be wrong, but you wouldn't actually buy a Cabbage Patch kid. You would adopt one.

So you have to sign the papers. Pay 100 pounds.

Exactly, there's a long process you have to go through there to come and cheque your home suitable. Make sure that you are going to be a good parent.

Okay, maybe not.

So in the Christmas of 1983 people went absolutely crazy for them and they'd be paying up to 10 times their market value on the black market.

She's crazy, but you wouldn't do that, and I think.

They look weird.

Yeah, they do look a bit weird, don't they? And the company that produced them, they didn't actually hang around that long. They went bankrupt eventually. There's one this big hype things where they then disappear.

Now we're going to go into the quick fire round. Okay, where I've got a link here, it's just open up.

Yep, and this is actually. I can't even click apologise for these let's doing it's doing it. Ohh wait, we got Firefox update coming out which is updated everybody's Firefox. It is the best browser, not probable. Organisation committed to your privacy.

Oh, let's do not fair.

Yeah, if you are looking.

At a minute, stop the podcasts.

Stop the podcasts and listen to you next fish, but she stole that from yeah, that's the first advert, but the second advert is if you're looking for a content management system, why don't you try Storey block? Yeah, that's true block that's Storey block without ASI. STORYBLO k.com fabulous content management system, which I am now an ambassador for.

Probably anyone in Europe?

Definitely anyone in the K.

Don't know anyone in Europe. I think there mostly in Europe, woops. That was an accident. Anyone in Guernsey, yeah.


Start the podcast again.

Oh mother podcast.

No, thank you. That's what they say.

We might be suited for this.

Well, if this is our last podcast episode, we apologise, yes.

Okay, so a long list of Christmas toys which were going to rush over really quickly and see what you think of the 1963 Easy bake oven rubbish.

1964 Gij better 1965 Operation 500.

1966 twister fun.


Do you like playing with girls or boys?


1967 battleship.

Fun 1968 Hot Wheels Very fun 1969 chemistry set def.

20 light brights confused.

1971 space hoppers.


I think we might have a video science play it go away. Horrible video on the website.

1972 who know I was one.

I want.

53 walkie talkie sets. Very fun. 1974 Tonka toy trucks.



Amazing best Christmas Toy 1976 Connect four quite fun. Save this number.

4535 million

or something like I know if it's 4 trillion or something. Many many combinations of colour combinations.

For the things.

I never got Karina in the corner of our website. 1977 Star Wars figures.


1978 Simon


Nice 979 Atari PCs. What is that?

This computer I'm so yes, very funny.

But stylings awesome. Actually, I quite like that now. I'm starting to like some little.

Things I have to.

Probably rape them at the end.

1980 Rubik's Cube.

Difficult year I was born maybe Lego Train 1981.

Oh yeah, that powered as well. Just quite cool, yeah?

1982 BMX bike. Kids outside good.

And then with a.

Rifle Stevens rifle yeah 93 Cabbage Patch Kids creepy 1984 Transformers.

Fun robots in disguise.

25 Nintendo Fun Entertainment system.


1986 laser tag.

Comments, yeah, that's amazing.

Vision, yeah, that's the sensors.

Sound 1978 genga.

Construction failures.

As she was out for my birthday drinks.

Start my birthday and I lost seven games of Jenga Narey too bad 1988 starting lineup. This is definitely American heiress. That's a baseball, one that.

Better football, I mean well yeah yeah football as in soccer in America as we got American listeners, yeah.

The big in American outbreak in America, 1989.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

So you had some of these, didn't you?

Yeah, I had this. No, not this exact ones, but very similar.

Because they seem to come back every few years as a new film or something comes out. Super Nintendo this mess. 1991 Dollars 1992 Barbie dream house. And it's something you're keen on.

Yeah, I want one of those for Christmas please.

Well, you might be your lucky boy.

1993 talkboy

that looks like some sort of recorder cassette recorder Oso this was.

The talk boy was originally conceived as a non working prop from the 1992 movie Home Alone 2.

So this is basically get that tie in as well between films and everything and toys. So buzz light year might bring this. Actually, here's a big one for that.

So films with kids in the room isn't clean, just gotta letter toys all over the.

Exactly, yeah, but that's where they become really about the marketing and everything. Now that's why every year there's kind of big Christmas toy. So 1994 is Power Rangers 95 Beanie Babies.

Why Zara crab?

Is that's a beanie baby crab now there were loads.

And laser different Beanie Babies and all at its height. Beanie, Baby Mania made up 10% of eBay sales and Graham cheese to sell those in the shop and you get rare ones but they get retired and things and so would be limited runs so I remember he would keep some aside knowing how much people buy them for like stupid money and he never got around to telling them we could be millionaires.

Now wait, does he still have?

I don't know you might do. I don't know if when they move house even though they might be worth trillions now.

Or nothing at all. If anyone cares about it.

1996 Tickle me Elmo.

Gonna stop taking my own elbow.

97 tamagotchi?

Do you know what that is?


yeah, be almost like a little virtual pets that you have.

Ohh like these weird things.

I remember 1 Storey I don't know if it's true or not, which is doing the rounds is never really popular everywhere, particularly Japan and one child at their school. Their Tamagotchi were stolen and it's such a terrible thing that they have to get a police helicopter. Chase the child installed in it.

I think that's true.

I definitely think stream.

1998 Furby Furby would you think of Furby?

There weird there like there is flop from the gate.

And it's so strange and stuff they like bath towels as.

Well, in Anton to now.



1999 Pokémon cards.

Mr. OFM.


2000 Razor scooter back outside again.

Yeah, but lots and lots of places destroyed to make skate parks Pogo sticks. Yet 1001 lots of injuries.

2002 fur real.

Cat sorry ohh yeah for real yes and serial.

Gone bit slow there.

2003 railway sapiens.

That looks cool. It's like it's quite good actually.

2004 Nintendo DS.

I'm not sure how how that's only 16 years ago and looks so old.

Yes, yes screens Tiny is 2005 Xbox 360.

Getting a bit more weight.

Alright, goodbye Danny.

2006 PlayStation Three 2007 iPod touch. 2008 in 10 day we see look at all of those. No child left their home any of these years. He said his tea busy playing on their consoles and things. 2009 Zuzu pets.

Walked though, so they went outside. Obviously that yeah.

That hamsters 2010 iPad 2011 Leap Pad Explorer 2012 we.

2013 text are the robotic puppy.

I've seen that.

2014 Zoomer Dino that's that's weird. That must have some thingies and.

Magnets and then magnetic.

These things that don't fall over and keep level and straight and for some reason about horoscope in my head and sending our escape.

2015 Star Wars remote control BB8.

2016 Mess classic addition in for a second time, much smaller now. They look at the size of it now fits in the palm of their hands.

Yeah, and two controllers that actually look like controllers.

Yeah, that's how the controllers where.

And that's what it goes up to, so I don't know what the more recent ones were. So any favourites on that list?

An half them I can't remember. I like the test 3.


What sort of things are you hoping to get for Christmas?

I want new PlayStation controller.

I can't remember anything else.

Thanks and do you think that Father Frost is going to bring you anything as well as you saw? I played and it wasn't my father Frost. Maybe he will. Yeah was it good? Yeah I liked it. Who is Father Frost Russian Santa? Yeah and he's his helper.

Elves know his daughter, granddaughter.

I'm pretty sure highlightning.

Is in Russian, wasn't it?

Have to risky.

Okay, so anyway it's getting late now. Yeah, and I think it's probably time for bed for you. There's not many sleeps left until Christmas is there and the warm fires made us drowsy. So let's get you off to bed.

Here we see the Christmas elf on a regular cheque up in a Childs bedroom.

Don't worry, nothing sinister is going on here. It's about the natural occurrence. Watch as he delicately walks across the room.

Checking out the child has put away their toys and folded their clothes neatly. All part of determining if they have been good or bad and what list they should be placed.

Taking care not to wake the child.

I respect it.

It appears that the Elf has accidentally working the child. Now let's watch what happens as they interact with one another.



Don't worry, I'm just a Christmas elf.

You, even though you're real, you can see me, Yep.

Don't be alarmed, I'm just doing a checkup to see if he should be on the good list on the naughty list.

Okay, I think I should be on the good list.

Well, I'll be the judge of that.

So who are you?

Well, I don't actually have a name big. Some Santa doesn't allow us to have names exist. So many of us just kept up in the North Pole, but he just goes or you health get those toys made and to be honest he should be on the naughty list. Ohh.

I won't tell him not to weigh.

Almost in front of your podcast I think, and I listen to it.

Surprised we haven't had any listeners in the North Pole as I assume that's where you come from.

Yes we are. But then I listen to your Christmas episode last year where you covered all of these different kind of Christmas traditions and I love these scary ones. There are true.

Yeah, but we are from the North Pole where we kept up then big camps.

And you know what happens what?

If you're naughty, we are enslaved and we have to be gifts and toys for children around the world.

Well, to be honest, I don't really care, so I get toys.

To be hard work.

See my cousins hands their red raw carving Woods say sorry 19 hours a day.

How long are your days there in a North power?

Well, this order was long, but the daylight doesn't last very long at this time of year.

It's all families and we live for hundreds of years, you know.

Do you know what happened to the really, really, really, really, naughty elves?

They have to mark out the reindeer and you know what appears like for magic reindeer. Is it sparkling? You need litter. It's really hard to get off.

Just eat orders.

I mean, people think this parking so magical.

Do you wish to escape?

I'd love to escape, but Santa knows where we are. He's got trackers, are all of us.

Can hear you there.

I think it's really busy at the moment, so should be okay. You can't listen to all of us all the time.

That I am a hacker. Can you stop them from stop the message from going through? Don't worry.

Okay, so how you gonna hack that?

Then I don't know. It's probably magic lines.


So is that just like the Christmas offer? Are there more types enough? Cause I've got an elf on the shelf.

Yeah, that's my own very uncle.

Lots of different types of such leaks. Folklore throughout Europe and all over the world that there's different sorts of elf. So in some places we might be called brownies, and we're all kind of distantly related.

And then you get shelf Elf who kind of sit on the shelf and looking at the children from the shelves. Yeah. And then like I said, there's someone make the toys and that they are good at building things.

I've heard that the sum of the office in the shelter very mischievous is that how they get their job.

Well, that's right. Yeah, we said Santa. He thinks that they fit in well there. They normally sends the naughty children and they think that Santa he actually wanted to, mischief yourselves, to encourage the naughty children to be even naughtier. So he doesn't have to make gifts for them.

Okay, it's terrible and there's another type of health I can't remember. Ohh yeah, do you know where that can die museum? Yeah that's why it's called. It can die. Yeah, you know, there's the folklore exhibition makes the ones that snatched the babies and put the changelings in.


Remember when the little baby is born and then that little faith that comes along and and swaps.

Over the Angels from the Christmas Storey.

Could be right, and maybe that's why with baby Jesus.

Yeah, and that's how he got 10 so special.

I'm computer selected or not.

Yes it is. Lots and lots of different types of elves and throughout history we've been seen as different times, quite naughty and sinister well.

We don't mean to me is because.

Something such a hard taskmaster.

Any free time with him? But we do come out on assignment like to checkout the children. We just the freedom comes to a head and we do stupid things or sometimes sometimes he kidnaps little children then swaps with the changelings.

She wants big thinking, needs to change. Things would be really really naughty.

And then he can make a bigger naughty list.

So do you have any magic or do I? Can you make it snow or no?

Can you predict when it will snow?

Well, can you open Spider member takes when I will sleep now.

I can say that in the North Pole it'll probably snow at some.

Point, do you think I'll get cold in my stocking?

If you keep asking questions like that, you will.

Okay, thank you for your time, see you.

Please please, please don't tell something so.

Be okay, I'll do that hacking thing.

Okay thank you bye bye am Merry Christmas.

By Merry Christmas everyone. Merry Christmas.

A very interesting encounter there between a child and an elf. What I'm doing. The child's bedroom. I don't know and I hope he doesn't notice me either. He seems have been distracted by the Elf, so now I'm going to sneak out.

Nobody don't tell your father.

Hey Anton, wake up you fell asleep whilst we were recording and we just finished about the toys but we need to say bye bye and do a little bit of information so you ready okay now we've got a website haven't we? And we cannot be found.

On the Internet.


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Curie child pods.


See you I.

See you.

All I

See I.

See URICHILD PA di Kuri child porn Twitter. Anton struggling here now he's actually really good speller. You wouldn't think it though.

Yeah, I can spell Auntie Diceman terrorism.

You can't save.


Very professional.

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Know but on our website there are links to the various networks we can listen to us and leave a review and that's the best place to review us as that will help us grow up the charts so other people can enjoy the glory that is.

Curiosity of a child so thank you very much and happy Christmas everyone. I hope despite everything that's going on in the world at the moment, you will still manage to have a wonderful time and Santa's elves will be fabulous gifts for you and possibly little notes of their desperation as Welland, how they want also to be free.

Yep yeah goodbye America, hey sign off.

I do believe it is. Let's get him.