20 NOV 2019

Bogies are good for you

& how do vaccnines work?

Have you ever noticed how your finger is just the right size to fit up your nose? Surely this must be for a reason. We examine some interesting research about bogies and also explore how Anton’s nasal flu vaccine works.

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Yes, so enjoy the show. Anyway, thank.

You for show.

Welcome to the curiosity of a child.

This episode we're gonna talk about news is aren't they said what did you have recently?

I had my nasal flu vaccine.

That's right, yeah, that got me thinking about vaccinations and exactly how they work and wasn't sure how much do you then after that we get a little bit racer on me. Yeah, but we are saved as little surprise for later.

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Now a little bit late with this release. The plan is ideally to release an update every two weeks, alternating with Anton's homework, but with half term and different things we have slightly out for release schedule, so I hope you don't mind, and so we get back with the show.

Yeah on the show then.

Yes, I'm at the show.

Okay, let's talk about vaccine. See what do you know about vaccines?

I know that it's like a true or that they were there.

I may have a liquid inside and they stretch out your nurse. Yeah they were your nasal one. OK, so let's do it. Let's find out a bit more showy. So vaccines have been a hot topic in recent years, and many parents, particularly in America there been refusing to vaccinate their children. Now I'm firmly in the pre vaccination camp so if you take measles for instance, if it was declared eliminated from the United States in the year 2000.

But since that time cases started reappearing and this might.

Be through international travel where people coming into the country.

And also from other people refusing to vaccinate their children. So it starts spreading and was actually one of the most infectious diseases with a.


Infection that's over 195. Yeah, if you have.

Well, that's a 95% infection rate. That means that it's very, very likely to spread zombies exactly. Yes, even more news on base. So if you come in contact somebody's affecters, the odds are you will.

Catch it as.

Well, yeah, it's really easy to spread. It's another reason why the vaccines are so important. So here we got charts. This is cases in the US, so if you look in 2010 is about 60.

Yeah, it's up and down up.

And down, but if you look in 2019, that's nearly 1300 cases.

Which doesn't sound a lot.

You don't really think of miso is that deadly, do you?


but in 1980 and that over 2 1/2 million people worldwide were killed by it. Yeah, there's a lot of people, so it's actually much more dangerous than you. Really don't get worried.

Is that would be.

All day without him, and maybe in some less developed countries as well. But maybe the medical care isn't so good or they weren't the vaccines.

But then by 2014 this had dropped.

To 73,000.

So it's amazing. It is truly a modern day miracle that we were able to take millions of deaths down.

To just 73,000 it's a lot, but it's not as many what. It's quite a few, but it's not as many, but this is worldwide. So exactly if you compare it with. So I think maybe some of this success led to people disregarding it and they almost forgot what means it was once, because you didn't hear with music deaths, so they thought I don't need vaccines.

I mean, there's also a lot. There's been.

Health scares and things.

Other vaccinations, but most of that.

Probably unfounded, and the actual risk of.

Not being backed into this higher.

Yeah, from the vaccine itself, so there in a couple of weeks ago. Like you said, you had your nasal flu vaccine. I'm not gonna be thinking a little bit more about how the vaccines work. How does kind of the flu infected system and how does the virus?

Sexy and how does the vaccine work?

I'm sorry when a harmful virus or bacteria enters your body.

Cells in your mean.

System called lymphocytes, create antibodies and they try and fight off the infection. Yeah yeah, and you actually make millions and millions of these today. Yeah so.

It's a big job that your body is doing. He didn't even really need to set and so you could be fighting infections all the time, not even realise that we should bodies so you good at doing it. But different types of infections require different types of antibodies and it can take your place in time to understand that combination. Yeah, so if you think of it, if you're playing a game when you got a bus battle.

But once you do, you can defeat it more easily. Can't hear so similar to that. So what a vaccine does, it will train your body how to fight a particular infection. So now if you get infected, your body can respond immediately. It's kind of being trained and taught how to fight that fires before it can spread and get worse. And then the figures from the 1980s which show that massive reduction in infections or since the 1980s just show how effective vaccines are stopping illness spreading.

Anyway, back onto your nasal flu. Vaccine was made by a company called AstraZeneca and it's called Fluenz Tetra with Tetra, meaning four is actually contains 4.

Different strains or types of the flu virus, but they've actually been weakened in the lab, so when they squared up, Renee's you're actually having the virus itself stuck in society.

Is that so? It's got a very small bit, so you can. You can learn how to fight that certain thing then exactly, yeah, so you're learning on a real kind of virus itself. Yeah, it's what's called a live attenuated vaccine to actually contains a living version.

Of the virus, but it's been specially weakened.

But your body might still have a really strong reaction to it, because you actually got that virus inside you. You may get some of the symptoms of having to flee.

A few days, yeah, maybe people.

Their eyes water because.

They want to get rid of that virus that could.

But maybe or maybe it's just how it feels as well, but I'm not sure.

Yeah, well, your body would be reacting so you might be sneezing or getting a temperature and different things, but it's just your body doing its natural reaction to fight the virus. But then that's what vaccines designed to do.

Is designed to teach your body to fight off itself, so it's going to be. However it naturally works, and that's pretty much how you're free virus works.

Did not know that before.

The only thing we got told was it helps fight.

A virus also weaker, so did he think there's like a medicine then which help fighting it? Well, actually you're having the real.

Virus been citing how do you feel? Do you think that's not?

Yeah, you well, you wouldn't expect it.


So you gotta think how?

Did people start understanding how to make people not have an infection?

We have to infect them.

Yes kind. Interesting jumping is like thought. How did people think of that Beaver **** glands would work? Yes, if you're wondering what Anton is going on about. Listen back to episode 2 No 3 three part one. Yeah, that was the numbers for the witches.

Now one of the symptoms that you might have.

Had from your nasal flu.

Vaccination is it cause your nose get blocked.

But that leads us nicely until our next segment.

Yes, I think you might enjoy this one.

But he's thinking, what do you know about babies?

The normally green I know that they are not always green then normally Korean, but actually there's a funny and I know that there's a funny Storey.

But my auntie's

bogies are white. Yes, when I was, little is.

I'm the youngest child.

I'm over being terrified and chased around.

By my sister with her horrible.

Little white babies.

They say Baggies we will have them, but do we all eat them? Are they good for you? Are they bad?

Are there different types?

And what can they tell you?

Now I'm done.

This is going to be quite honest. Okay, this feature I spotted you picking your nose.

Well, I don't know what you're talking about. I see mining for babies.

Why don't you don't give up? You can be honest here. Do you pick your nose? Yeah, yeah. Are they tasty?

Most the time. Yeah, I think most people.

Would admit having.

Picked her nose and probably at least once in their life. Actually taste.

The other day I had a.

Very sour baby.

Very okay, maybe that's what you're eating. Okay, I'm also nostrils are just the right size for finger, so that must be for a reason.

So do you know what bogies are?


Well, I've been told something, but I'm not sure if it's true or not.

Apparently it's the liquid in your.

Brain runs down into your nose.

And then it it's dried up snot, it's one of these about wait till the end. Okay and then I'll come back up. OK, So what it is they are dried up mucus and that's kind of the slimy substance in Arnos. Yeah, it's about 95% water and 5% something. I've forgotten the name of yeah, and its purpose is to trap kind of dust.

And pollen.

And of course viruses and things.

Before they can enter our body and our long, actually, when we're discussing this earlier, I actually said it was too.

Block that and catch the dust as well.

Yeah, actually I found out on.

Operation Out, which is a very very good.


Like I said, it's mostly water, so if you have.

A runny nose in winter. Going to make sure that you keep drinking enough to keep you hydrated obviously and wanted to keep your nose working properly and then inside your nose. You got lots of little hairs called.

Cilia, then, that's correct.

And they helped move the mucus in your nose along with gravity, and estimates that every 20 minutes or so.


All the mucus in United being flushed down into your stomach or out of your nose.

So that's why he's being nice just to stop it running down your face.

Like I said, this might be disgusting myself, you know if you don't have any tissues or anything or even toilet roll, you will just have to lick it.

Haha yes.

Just this Sunday with the toilet living proof, you just leave. That's why I seem to see people doing.

Is this a more deliberate way?

And do a little cleaning and it really helps with your.

Bits and that's picking.

Your bogies now. It's really coming with kids and they say I've got conflicting reports here.

Some people say it's popular because they taste.

Salty on some people, but they taste sugary. So how does yours taste?

Said Sauer, I had asylum.

Yeah, that sound is trying one now.


Property Susie Okay yeah makes.

More sense and sweet thank.

Now the thing.

Is obviously picking up.

Your nose and eating bogies. It seems pretty disgusting in yeah.

In our culture, always coaches I imagine.

So if you are going to do it avoiding in public, he thinks we do it in private.

More importantly, is it bad for you?

I've heard that it's good for you. Yeah, it seems it isn't bad for you, he says. Scientists from several universities, including Harvard and Saskatchewan, is in Canada. They agree that is a good thing for kids to do, and it shouldn't be discouraged, but.

Please please please do it in private okay.

Not in public. As it turns out, our noses are a rich reservoir of good bacteria.

The move for good bacteria generally get such a bad rap, but actually back to you is.

Really important to our health? To think we've got.

So much in our body is.

You could say for.

Every human cell in your body you might have up to 10 little.

Microorganisms inside you or ur entire ecosystem. You are a human planet really.

On way back to Maggies now there was an Austrian professor called Frederick Bish. Inga I think I was correct and he.

Had this to say about eating babies now I'll try my Austrian voice here, so let.

Me just get into auto ******.

Eating the dry remains of what you pull out is a great way or strengthen the body's immune system. Medically, it makes great sense and is a perfectly natural thing to do in terms of the immune system. The noses of philtre in which it rates to a bacterial collected.

And then this mixture arrives in the intestines. It works just like a.


He also added.

That people who pick their noses are.

Healthier, happier and more attractive.

That means that means you won't have any green things. Well, not just green things up your nose.

As you added that last time he didn't tell you more attractive actually picking agency nacelle attractive.

Sorry about that. So if you think.

About it, This is why this topic. That's why it's quite.

Similar to how vaccines work, yeah?

Yeah, the bacteria or viruses being trapped up there and then introduced.

Your body in small doses.

And maybe we can speak since being killed I said viruses or even alive.

Some debate on that.

So it gives your body a chance to maybe slowly come to terms with.

An infection or.

Stopped somethings even entering or your body.

The snot

oh baby snot catches some of the vaccines.

I would do yes, it's being.

Sliced up grenades so some of.

Its gonna be comes caught up in your babies. And yes not yes.

A couple of episodes ago we spoke about how claves be used for dental hygiene, but it seems that's not works too, as apparently.

Eating bogies can help.

Clean your teeth.

And scientists are even working on synthetic mucus toothpaste.

And chewing gum.

Um, I not going to brush my teeth anymore, but as I know that bogies are better, I am going to use that because I I only like.

My own babies. I don't like other people's babies.

Yeah, as we had actually had somethings would be.

Priced out by some dancers. Yeah we were going to.

Put some booties in the pot and I said.

But we ended.

Up not doing that because that sounded too.

Disgusting, but he actually said.

I I don't want to do.

This because I don't know whose it would be like. Remember why we want to put in the pot? Some science experiment? I think yeah.

Okay then, as you recounted at the beginning, my sister used to chase me round with how white bogeys. Now, as there's been a lot of me talking this episode, unfortunately there isn't a special.

Lantern feature I'm going to hand over to.

Him where he can talk about the different colour bees mean.

Okay, so clear bogies. This is just normal. Don't worry about that. Okay, great white ******* anti pokies.

Terrifying you might be.

Congested having nasal infection or cold, dehydrated or eating too much there. Yeah, so monkey babies.

Yellow, you might be starting to fight an infection, so I guess that's good.

Colour comes from.

Dead white blood cells.

Yeah yeah, bit of a battle so I guess the body so it's like a graveyard.

Basically there, yeah, you know what your white blood cells do. Yeah, that the soldiers of the blood cells.

I guess it's the.

Bacteria may be going on too.