31 OCT 2019

Halloween special part 2

Monster battles — terrible maths included!

In part two of our Halloween special we pit a Vampire, Cyclops, Werewolf and Zombie hoard against each other in battle to be crowned The Curiosity of a Child Halloween Monster Champion of The Year 2019. Who will win this epic battle? Who should you take with you whilst trick or treating? Grab a comfy seat and a handful of Halloween treats and we’ll reveal the answer.

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Hello, this is one of our old episodes where are sound quality isn't quite so good, every bit amateur.

Yeah, now we're pros and we've spoken about a lot more things and ohh sound quality is a lot better as you can hear currently.

Yes, so enjoy the show. Anyway, thank.

You show.

Welcome to Part 2 of the curiosity of a child Halloween special.

Yeah, welcome back guys. This is the big one. This is where we put the monsters that we introduced in the last episode against each other in the arena. So if you haven't heard that episode, go back and take a listen now so you can find out who the contestants are.

Yeah, I really enjoyed finding out about this and I love cryptozoology.

Yeah, she's pretty excited now to see he's going to win my money's on the vampire at the moment.

Yeah PC, they do have those big blood sucking off teeth.

Yeah, so let's get.

The monsters down in the arena get their chains taken off them, and let's begin the fighting.

Please welcome to the Arena owl contestants.

Coming all the way from Transylvania, Dracula.

And haunting your nightmares every full moon. Little werewolf.

Infecting a city near you, the zombie horde.

I'm finally child of the gods over the way from Greek mythology that Cyclops.

Let battle begin.

Now have introduced Olivar four monsters. We going to rate them across several rounds out of 10 and their arms are their origin Storey or history. Their strength, their intelligence, their infection or spread rate. That's how lonely I had come across them and finally their scariness.

So let's start with Cyclops. So the origin Storey is that they are the sons of some of the Greek gods. So how would you rate that?

That's pretty good, yeah?

Yeah, I'd say.

I'll give them a 9.

And nine okay, I wanna go bit low at 7 so much, that's 18.

Yeah, and what about this strength? The Cyclops was that big Giant.

Said big bruises there, so I'm going to give them nine again.

Nine again, okay, I'm going to go 8. I'm going to stay louder, give myself some room for movement here. Yeah, what's 8 + 9?

19 that is not a person is not 19th.

That means.

18 that's 9 + 918 so.

Was it 9 + 8 two 8 to 1617 allergens which we are very lonely?

So it looks intelligent.

No, not till.

Yeah, maybe pretty dumb, yeah?

Dumb zombies.

Well, mostly that I'm gonna go for a 3.

Yeah, I'm going to 3:00 o'clock.

At 6 now the infection spreads rate or how common they are now they are the sons of gods. There are three groups in Greek mythology.

Well, you can't. They don't really spread them or like made. There's been lots made but already spreadable.

You don't see them often in popular culture in.

That film, so I'm going to give them a.

Full for that.

Forces him give him a 2.

Yes, sorry I'm going.

30 case 7.

And finally, that's carried us.

Yeah, I was kinda.

Before on.

Sorry about this guys.

Is the pressure jiggling mass right, depressed face scaring us?

Pretty scary 7.

Maybe they quite human like yeah.

A five verse that's 12.

It is 12.

Yes, thank you rightly said we can have more luck with maximum werewolf, werewolf origin, Storey. This was a bit harder to find anything specific, but we did find 1 Storey about an Arcadian Kingdom.

Yes, so Zeus was offended by this Arcadian King and he, well he wasn't happy with that, so he punished him with.

Right, turning him into a werewolf? Yeah, yeah.

It's quite disgusting, born from the gods.

No, it's not that it's quite a cool Storey, but it's quite cool offending her gods actually.

I'm going to go for a middle grade 5.

I'm going to get for five.

10 nice easy for me. Thank you.

Okay, strength of the werewolf.

Their money when they transform their pretty good.

Big muscular got big claws.


They're not a giant.

Lee, yeah, I say I say 8 say they are you can see them in all the films and movies CC them written place yeah.

I don't think they're up to Cyclops Trump. Actually, you've got eight there. I'm going to go for five against 13.

Ohh, I think nothing underrated life.

But you know I'm leaving with.

Big gods half God giant with one eye.

Intelligence. They are actually they're not too.

Down that they are quite.

Similar animal intelligence. Now he's now the senses. More so I think we could be under intense lobbying to smell and see well in the dark. But they're also still got some human in there.

Not fully under control.

I'm going to give us 66 okay.

The only for six as well. I agree with you there, so it's a 12 now. The infection spread right now. He said that it's by so maybe curses that.

Yeah, but you normally stay away and you're probably in bed anyway.

Smashing through your window.

Actually not yet done right?


Boo, I'm gonna give them a.

I want to give him a tour in half, but I'm not sure if I can go between.

August 3 unengaged 4

for example, storeys of werewolf burnings and things in Europe.

When people are burning, which is nice, combos showed that there is still some around about scariness.

So I get impression here, yeah?

The scary but not scary.

I reckon the scarier maybe then a cyclist with circles and was just like a big person.

Yeah, this is more of a twisted mangled form.


I was thinking 7, so is it really quite better this one? Yeah, so it's 14.

Now I'm going to zombies.

Say their origin Storey. This lots different ways they can be made as it could be like an infection.

She I think they should get higher points.

For lots of different ways, actually, maybe.

That'll be the infection rate and things, possibly because I think this Storey is not exciting compared to others.

Yeah, because.

It's not really an origin Storey, it's more like.

How did it?

Start it, but it's a different way to all the other ones so.

Yeah, so I'd say.

I'm going to be late, I'm gonna get.

3.5 Four lay marks there much lower than the others. Yeah, strength.

Well, they don't hit parts, but their strong.

I think I can.

Take damage more than the Shard damages.

Yeah, I'm gonna get 6.

Six ongoing five. There will be live on.

That's our weakest safe on.

I'm going to give them one just because they somehow kind of hold together.

Hold hands.

Okies yeah fixes spread rates then you have times our first wins here please.

Yeah, well this scariness.

Is it this one?

No colder than walking towards you.

Quite scary, but if.

There's just one you think I can take this out.

I feel that I could outrun zombies. Yeah, very, or if I just get a car I can drive through them. Well, if there's a werewolf, I think in the Costco there was going to jump in the car.

I'm gonna go for seven.

Yeah, yeah, it's more of a.

Along slow fear Zombies 7.

We got news numbers not only gifted. Now this is 1/3.

Three, yeah, I'm gonna go for four so there goes seven. Yeah yeah, the other ones I think.

Are immediately scary or zombies are?

They get like right next to you and you're like, oh okay, yeah.

Right now, finally vampires.

I think Origin Storey is quite.

Yes, this is good. Well we have one of these of Maine storeys would be from floods the Impaler. He was a Romanian Prince and you know why he was called Flood the Impaler?

I think he.

Better luck next 1000.

Yeah he was. He was the victims from the battles and things that they would be fighting. It put a stake in the ground and him pale. That's a cop through the people and it kind of leaves in that kind of speed.

To say he wasn't like a neck biter as far as I know, I think he had a wife as well. He used to like a bit of blood. Yeah, I want to ask anyway, yeah, so.

Real history gone here, nothing better so I don't get it. I think that's a pretty good origin Storey.

Yeah, well it's horrible, but I think we're doing origin Storey in Goring. That's right now.


Nine, yeah, I think in 918.

Also, highest we've got on the ocean.

While the strength of empire this superhuman.

And also, there's only one way that you can.

Say that defensive.

Struggle like mortals, they can just one gentle packed with their fans and then you're bleeding straight right? Yeah yeah I'm gonna go for.

Another night, another seriously.

Stronger together, someone quite quickly turn into bats.

Well, you know just.

Back to back with the bat.

Sound game for 6:17.

An intelligence meant to be very intelligent is there been alive for so long?

Today for another 9.

Or you forgot as well in your strength, one that they are they like sunlight or garlic.

Yeah, but then they do have another strong thing that you can't see them in numerous, so they can just creep up behind you and your makeup on.

Yeah, if you are happy with your school.

Right back to intelligence.

I said nine again coz they are under another night.

I'm going for eight this be.

1717 thank you.

Eighteen 1717.

Batting very well by the infection spread rate right?

Yeah, well they die, who's they?

Get this in great nicely.

I think it's pretty.

Bad, this mean no, you sometimes you have like this almost haunted House of about 6:00 or something. So I'm going to give them a one for.

That yeah, you don't really get.

Hordes of vampires you get there very long living, so you'll just have this continual Storey of 1 vampire throughout history yet again and again as he's gone back to his script. So kind of.


for a long, long, long time.

I did not see.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so there's something.

To that we got 3.

Well there scaring us.

They are quite scary, but they they can blend in and I like when they cover their face with The Cave.

Was gonna be the sex appeal.

They are quite hot actually.

I'm gonna go for.


Yeah, there really scary.

When they smile, that's scary, but.

I think they got more of a child they can invite.

You in may be unable.

Yeah, more trick you into.

Quite often, margins coming here to get you directly. So what did he say?

Sorry, I said 8.

I'm going for four, so it's a 6.

So I think that's quite I yeah.

I think it's gone chasing you if you want.

I always like.

Detectives and the way they tracked him down.

But it's smiling.

Okay, so we've rated all of them, so let's tally up the scores.

OK, we've added up the scores and though this out 100 so the Cyclops got 56. The werewolf also has 56.

Interesting, actually. I did not expect that.

No, zombies only got 44.

Yeah, had one high school and the rest were quite like.

There was, yeah, the vampire. You've adjusted your strength little bit down by three Avril giving it 58 six come out top, but Andy could happen when we pick these monsters against each other so that sang the cages and let them out into the arena.

I'll get the key.

So around 1:00 we're going to pit these summer camps in the werewolf against each other as they got the same score. So management here in the arena got the Cyclops. He's big, he's lumbering, the world has to wait until there's a full moon, so he's already made disadvantage there. Yeah, so we're going to see Mrs Donna full Moon, just to make it fair to find the monsters against each other. So who do you think is going to have a cyclops?

Pretty quite big and slowed overs.


Big wells, quite agile. They can jump around and they've got their claws. Imagine, but the Cyclops quite tough skins like rubbery, so it'll be quite hard to penetrate me. So I think the weak point for this Cyclops is definitely I.

Never want either. Yeah, then I think the werewolf.

He's OK, they say they can be hired. Things like silver.

But I think if you were born from my God, you're pretty ability to hats and wearable.

Also, I think that.

If he jumped onto the club once, couldn't fix low Cyclops, the werewolf jumped into the club, start his claws into it. I think he'll be quite held. There is so crops with swinging come around noon. We ought to.

Try out like a mountain.

Yeah, I think the werewolf might just save this. I think this Cyclops again bit tired and you get a bit dizzy from the speed and pace. And one I can't just distance as well.

If you if you if he gets knocked over, if you hit him in the eye is but yes dizzy and then sent it he falls over that thing. We have big Spartan hurt him a lot.

Only join a full moon racer.

I would probably get this just the level.

Yeah, but then if it was midday.

Yes, OK round one.

Well, move versus Cyclops goes to the werewolf, yeah?

Next up is A is a holiday contenders. The zombie probably hott yeah versus I'm a big high level vampire.

Actually, that's that's really hard. That's quite hard is if there's just one zombie, there's no contest there.

Yeah, I can't see the the vampire wanting to suck the blood of Anand S yeah zombie so he's putting up committees. Regenerative I.

Think he's going to, but it's quicker. I think he's going to turn into a bath, maybe I'm fly away.

Cause he can't be bothered to do this, yeah?

He wants to be dominant. He's intelligent. He doesn't want his reputation damage these cosmetic. He sexy. I think he's going to outsmart and the intelligence there for Zambia's 117 for the vampire, highest intelligence.


He's got muscles, so I'm not sure if he's in the door then punching or something like that. I don't know because I don't think he's willing to bite them.

Claw like fingers and things. I think about a River that flesh and be too quick. I think for the somebody's yeah but.

If the zombies do get this fight on him, they've got a hoard of about 20 or something. I don't know.

Stop putting him down.

Yeah, yes, it's quite.

Out of his Cape as a hard one.

But remember.

Garlic, maybe someone had has garlic?

Breath yeah, of course yes. Yeah I person I've got bias here. I don't particularly zombies. I don't find them.

Interesting, you know.

Not no. Not compared to see.

To my other monsters, but then party sources say I don't really want a vampire werewolf against each other in the final, but these are prices coming in here, yeah? But then from playing.

Games and things Easy hack away. 3 Zombies while a vampire will give you good fight and maybe is that quite human aspect of that, the intelligence in there as well, which is actually what makes for scary.

As a heart attack.

It's quite strange you never, ever see a vampire with a weapon ever.

Yesterday need one.

Yeah, I, I think we should have garlic breath.

Breath yeah. And then maybe someone like some crucifix is round their neck and allsorts. Yeah, so I think just maybe the variety of come up Atom. Yes against the vampire my power.


I think so.

You're saying there's only swim, yeah?

Shall I think I don't really like it but it.

There's so many ways that they can win by.

Okay, I'm not sure like this, but I am going to reluctantly agree with you. I wanted a vampire to win, but I think it's me Gareth. Yeah I could decide it.

I think we should. If there's a really, really funny way I think will go flat. Yeah yeah.

Okay, so that means we've got the werewolf.

Against the zombie. So that's autopsy the vampire.

Out yeah I yeah, I'm pretty sure well, there's one that why is that a little far? Do we count the damage from the 1st?

Known have been patched up back out in the arena. Yeah, there's zombies have been also back together. The werewolf is a charge to regenerate, underperforming, so there's a month later.

Gotta remember still cause I think you forgot this me last year against the vampire zombies are hard to kill.

Maybe not when they got flailing, gnashing.

Floors has punched their heads off.

Yeah, I think he would just take down a lot of in quite quickly. He does not think the same weakness of the garlic.

Breath I think for the crucifix is Cyclops.

Steven, but.

It's going to admit a bit like that for the world is that he's going to be jumping around. He's really agile and he's he's quite cover. He's not. Yeah yeah, small cover, then the.

I think it's gonna be the agility and they just having fewer kinda big weaknesses is a couple of key ones with the vampire, which is why he lost out so.

I wonder, I wonder if they still have.

A bit of knowledge zombies.

Um and they might get scared.

As well.

They don't ever seem to gather things. Do they know?

They smell a lot, so the werewolf is going to be able to sniff them out before they even know he's there. He's gonna be able to prepare an ambush.

Take out a few of them going higher, again, somewhere asked to take them out, but he knows he's got a tiny bit. He's going to get it before the end of the night and now forming goes way so he's got an urgency to kill that zombie horde before hand. But there's a study that I had about where the proper scientific study, but if there's a zombie invasion in America, they seem to be taken out by nature. We should have like the big Wildcats and things would go out there. They would rip the zombies to shreds that have flies coming, lay their eggs in the Margaret would be eating them alive.

And they are great, would be destroyed by. That's imaginary. Where was like a superpowered move.

I think you destroyed him, yeah?

Shall we go for werewolf? And so I want to?

Wells so yeah, well for werewolf as well if that's quite a tricky thing coz if well for vampires and the thing I don't think anyone would win that I would have try stick.

With racist fight, yeah, some ways.

I pretty gave for vampire. I think she's too clever, too quick.

Just got take out his way but its speed just front and back mate yeah.

Which means fourth base would be are Cyclops, Vampire. Third, surprise me or not?

Yeah, that also higher traces I yeah.

2nd place would be our zombie horse.

I thought they're going to eat last three honest.

And then the the werewolf comes top. So advice to you is if you're going trick or treating, take a well with you. The other benefit that would be.

Able to sniff out the sweets also.

They are easy to get, you can just get your pet dog.

That is true, yeah? So electrical treating with your pet dog.

Yeah, if you got one.

If you're a cat person.

Flying workout.


OK, so that's our Halloween monsters.

They actually make sure you got black hair if you can't.

Person, that's true, yeah?

She's better clean up this mess in the arena and Alan.

Yeah, I don't. I don't think we've got anymore studio, actually.


thank you very much goodbye goodbye.