29 OCT 2019

Halloween special part 1

Witch’s e‑numbers & mythical monsters

The nights grow long and dark, Halloween approaches and all kinds of creatures begin to stir. In the first of a Halloween two parter we examine a witches spell in close detail, could the mistresses of the night really be concocting treats for unsuspecting children? We then introduce you to four monsters of myth and legend who will go head-to-head in the arena to be crowned the Curiosity of a Child Halloween Monster Champion. Listen to part two of this special extended edition for the result.

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Hello, this is one of our old episodes where are sound quality isn't quite so good. I'm a bit amateur.

Yeah, now we're pros and we've spoken about a lot more things and ohh sound quality is a lot better as you can hear currently.

Yes, so enjoy the show. Anyway, thank.

You show.

Welcome to the curiosity of a Charles Halloween's.

This week, a coven of Wicked witches kick off streets, and then we are joined by four more guests as monsters come into the studio to battle it out in the arena to find the finest Halloween beast to go trick or treating with.

Yeah, it could be a bit of a spooky episode this one, but before we get into things, what have you been up to since last?

Episodes I've gone to the fairy ring okay?

What can you tell me about that?

Every month on a full moon.

The fairies would come to the fairing and dance around it, but the ones you didn't dance with sit there and judge.

Yeah, there's always like Fairy X Factor.

No, it's more like very strictly.

I've got a Storey about the fairy ring too. Yes, when I was studying at University.

I was out one evening and this is during the first few kind of weeks. Darcy getting to know people and chatting to the scale and CDOs were coming from, said Guernsey way up into girls insight. Love you. So yeah, there's a fairing, isn't there? And say that's right, and she said, yeah, when I visited the ferry ring, I walked inside it and I was taken back to 1943.


Yeah, it's a bit of an odd Storey, so I basically walked away from her.

Yeah, you did the right thing there.

So what else have you been doing?

I've been making Stone Age tools out of Flint and some stains, So what you do is you get some larger stones and then some Flint me hits the stones and shape it.

This predator shape. It was a stone.

You get like a large granite stains. There's lots over how many years it to smash at the fence to shape it. So we were down the beach.

Last weekend, wasn't there, then, who knows?

And got some impressive results.

Yeah, I'm surprised how much Flint there was actually. Well, you had lots of things.

I think we were quite lucky. Yes, went down there, there's no Flint's, that's or Flint banks. Actually around the island. So just in small patches further out to sea and it's just luck that the waves bring them in or not.

An arm at this show.


come closer. He has come closer.

Do you like treats her?

We're going to make a delicious concoction of trick and treat.

I'm crazy sisters.

Yes, mistress rexting.

Gather around, I need the juice of 37 women sex and their eggs.

Thank you, sister.

Now we must mixed in these secretions of 14 lacquer pugs.

Thank you, yes, mix them up now sterretts stairs.

And do you have a scraping of red? How he?

How are you?

Thank you.

Now Sister how are the crossbones coming along? We need to cross bones and ligaments of a cow and two little pigs.

Happened to the third one. He got away.

Alright, I'm just getting out now.

There you go.

Thank you, pop them in the cold room.

Now Mountain, 3 candles worth of beeswax.

Who threw the coldren laughing gas?

Nah, he doesn't leave it to boil and bubble father.

Enjoy becomes a thick, gloopy paste.

Sweets wrappers

thank you sisters little bit creepy. They slam. Not sure I like them.

Opti don't say that they might come after you.

They might do something with Halloween looming.

Okay, doing episode one. When I speak about the history of turmeric in our spice tasting feature, I mentioned that I use it to crazy number, just E 100.

Annually thirsty number.

Yeah, that's right, and you're asking what the numbers were. 20 E stands for Europe and they are a list of substances that are permitted for use as food additives by the European Union. So they are away to try and standardise. Make safe things that we can add to our food for say colouring, flavouring to help preserve it. Or maybe a dinner.

Cooking processes, etcetera Mans. Mentally tested for safety yeah.

So I'm not gonna be harmful.

From recent years he numbers. I've got a bad reputation and it's true about many of them, but not all of them. And they're not all harmful.

Ohh yeah yeah you get them lots of things right yeah?

Now, many of the ingredients that were in that witches spell might actually be found in your typical trickle treat hoard of sweets.

So you could get some lacquer mug.

Yeah, yeah, so let's find out more shall we, yeah.

E #120 not sure red, Four or Carmine.

So this is actually extracted from the bodies and eggs of the connexion insect.

Actually, before I asked.

RE numbers, just in food that they're not.

It's actually uses the playing style in North America at least as early as the 1400s, and it was kind of traded between the native First Nations, people and sort of Europeans and their neighbour. What's de Peru is the largest producer, and the insects actually farms in tubes, which are hunger capitalised.

Yeah, cool, yeah, that's what they feed answer. They put little chips on, they can collect them now. The insects himself only a few millimetres big man and the heated in an oven or in water or steamed and the different process they use produces a different range of that's.

Very kind of you.


So how many insects do they need? Well, one kilogramme of die could take maybe 80 to 100,000 of these little insects to make.

Their very small.

So here is some cool that's been died at the Reds. It's not just for food.

Also used in lipstick.

I think that's pretty lame. I'm off lipstick now.

Yes, only see.

Kind of a lady walking down the street or something with bright red lips, so you probably wearing insects in her mouth.

But under another cosmetics and also a few such as biscuits, sweets, sources, jams, allsorts.

Leaving on his E 904 shellac now this is formed from the black bug, which is an insect native to India in Thailand. But rather than use the insects themselves, they use its secretions.

Who do they?

And well, it produces this kind of natural resin.

They have got a picture of her looking at school listening.

That looks like that she looks like some glasnovic, like Honeycomb when it's been dried off and smoothed out.

So it's yeah sold in flakes which can be dissolved in alcohol and then there be used for colouring or a natural glaze. So to make food shiny. It's also been easier to hide last varnish for with and even used to make records so you know.

Records like the.


we have I know, yeah.

Next is E. For A6 Agar Agar. This one comes from algae and may have been first discovered in 1658 when a Japanese innkeeper threw away some surplus seaweed soup.

And then after leaving out overnight in the freezing cold, he noted that become kind of thick and gaoled. And it's very popular in Asian cookery where can be found in puddings and and jellies and things as also used with you if you want kind of a vegetarian. Friendly lots.

Of things and Jelly jams.

Now Next up is E 441 or gellatine. Now this is similar to how you go, but it comes from.

Most not algae as made from the college. Im taken from the bones, skin and ligaments etcetera of animals and is used in laser things.

So tell me which of these do you like? Ice cream. Yep yoghurt marshmallows gummy sweets.

So the things that taste yummy and sweet and delicious. Yeah, yeah, but please do not suffice.

I'm not holding them anymore.

Yeah, it's kind of windy. Start thinking where they come from. It's a bit hard, isn't it? Next up is E981, or beeswax.

Busy busy beeswax.

Now, this doesn't seem quite disgusting. Asking others it's not like a squished up animal now. The worker bees create the wax using glands on their body and they use it to form the X agonal cells like you can see here, you would have seen.

Before you see in the Bee movie as well, they have that their sections.

Yeah, do you know whether Hex agonal? Nope, this is a really strong shape answer really efficiently.

They will fit together is a great way of, yeah, giving us much as you can into smaller spaces.

Squares aren't particularly strong, and also that you can't really fit them together. You would get about half year around half the amount that you can get there.

Yeah, yeah, it's not a stronger structure, so they use the sellers for storing their honey and there lava. This influence kind of engineers and architects and structural engineers and allsorts to how they can build bigger structures.

Yeah, you could probably just.

You could probably build a honeycomb woo.

Yeah, he had enough.

Will they do that so you have? Maybe in the wing of an aircraft, make out of aluminium or some other kind of like metal, but they will use honeycomb shaped lattice where rather than having a solid metal they can just use a structure of this honeycomb shaped? Yeah, so they've got less material being used by its Searchlight. APA still very strong.

Beeswax has been used for thousands of years for waterproofing casting modes, Polish and of course candles is also edible and uses the glazing agents to make tasty things look shiny.

Yeah, we actually had Blvd topics from year four. We saw a candle up. Andy museum.

And then we.

And then we didn't know what it was made out.

We just thought was made out of wax.

It's not really funny.

They told us it was made out of these racks in new and touched it. After that just left it, but then this is really nice. Yeah, this is actually one of the nicer ones of the ones that were listing as well, yeah?

But if you'd rather not eat it or stick it in your mouth and source used in lip balm, lip gloss, eyeliner, hand creams, yeah, so bees brackets, it's really amazing, truly versatile and can be used for so many things. It's another reason we should look after our precious bees.

Okay, well it's changed a lot. The bank AC E 942 and nitrous oxide.

So this is a little different, but had to include it so nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas as inhaling it, gives you a feeling of euphoria.

So it's going to be really happy. Kind of feeling, yeah, yeah, I don't recommend seeking out though.

And is used by the British upper crossed during the 1800s when they had laughing gas parties.

Laughing gas fast, yes.

So it must be minutes first discovered his affair eating like an old woodcut.

He probably good time.

But if it look in the background that their skulls and skeletons on the wall.

So it's quite typical for Halloween.

Today, nitrous oxide is seen as one of the World Health organisations essential medicines as relatively safe anaesthetic please by doctors and surgeons to forget to the dentist. You have a feeling or something you might be given some nitrous oxide.

Getting back to our food theme, it's just currently spraying squirted cream all over your Halloween treats. The chances are that this gas is used as the propellant in your camp.

And one more thing, it can also be used in rocket Motors.

Car engines to help get more power.

Okay, some other odds. E numbers are E 551 Silicon dark side a case and he 172 iron oxide or scenarios Rust E 175 goals.

E T52 potassium nitrate are so Peter and this is used as a preservative and is also in gunpowder, gunpowder and made from animal P and one last thing, and I don't think this is in the number he can find it anywhere, but there is a flavouring code, Custer Onium.

What do you think that is extracted from? Anything they get caster anytime from is used to help enhance the flavours of Raspberry tasting things. Any guesses?

Bevalued lands.


Pictures are so somehow people discovered all these different things. Are these interesting flavours?

So how do you feel about eating sweets now?

Do anyways.

They still taste good or fresher.

Despite what we know.

So when are trickle treating trauma first retail?

If logical treating.

Think about.

Just what is in your food and what you're eating.

But it may surprise you by some of these flavours and colours and additives come from.

Monster mayhem

it's Halloween trick or Treat, which must have, shall we meet?

We've been joined by 4 monsters here in the studio and we're going to reach them and then they're going to fight to the death.

Troy, this may seem a bit cruel, but monsters like fighting so shall we introduce them.

Number one cyclops.

So what can you tell me about the Cyclops?

Cyclops are large, one eyed Giants from Greek mythology. They are the children of gods, my way. So I think I'll get a few extra bonuses there. Yeah, definitely.

They live in caves near volcanoes.

Yeah, actually some of them lives near Mount Etna.

Where it says three types of Cyclops and.

They look quite red. Suppose they got their fire behind their back. Maybe they just, yeah, yeah, cause they got these that thick skin.

Yeah, net brutal, violent and Savage.

So what sort of strength through abilities they have?

Tough skin, like big and now probably built are hit hard, yeah, but in the washing of all they.

Eat humans seriously.

So the one we've got to do with us here.

Know don't worry, he's trains.

You say yes.

Number two wells.

Where was I normal humans, whether big secrets every full moon know, turn into vicious beasts which are half man and half dog.

Storeys of Wales are common throughout European football.

That's right, there's many tales of lycanthropy going back to the 15 to 1700s there spread throughout all European mythology, which means there must be some truth in these storeys. But how does lycanthropy spread?

There's either a curse or a bite for another werewolf.

So we go looking out for them then yeah.

And what if you find 1 of what we do? How do you fight them?

Well, they are vulnerable.

To silver, so will shoot them with the silver bullets.

#3 the undead.

Can you tell me about I'm dead?

So the undead are slow and dumb but hard to kill.

Okay, what is that? Is that they still need?

Yeah, they're already dead, so it was going to be like killing them again. Yeah, yeah.

Usually funding hordes, so that's because they spread the virus.

There are sisters, Amira.

Yeah, he's still not real one.

No yes.

Yes, that's right. There's different types of zombie there be the undead. Yeah, there be maybe ones which would be from some fungal spore that goes in and takes control of the bodies of their victims. Some would be free magic voodoo in Haiti. What do they eat? I mean, if there I'm dead, I mean do they need food?

Yeah, they eat human brains.


It's a good job. You got a copy of the Zombie Survival Guide here.

Number for Sam Pires.

Most cultures around the world have vampire like storeys, but the classic vampire Dracula comes from Transylvania.

That's rice like werewolf with many storeys around the world. So do vampires which really makes me believe that these are true creatures. I mean you have all these storeys that they went out there, particularly nights like Halloween.

Halloween is coming up. What do you think we'll see?

Deadly vampires, yeah. So what they eat, what they feed on.

They feed on.

Blood, mostly human blood flow and from the neck. That's the main blood flow up your head.

And how long can they live?

For they can live for hundreds of years, hundreds, hundreds, but you can kill them by stabbing a wooden stake into their chest.

Right, so something else we can do.

Yeah, they can turn into bats to fly into bedrooms.

Bedrooms are asleep.

No, it's to make someone fall asleep forever.

Yes, that's right. Yes, invite them.

I'll be looking at movies tonight. I'm definitely in my bedroom Monday.


See have now met all four of our monsters and that's the end of the first part of our Halloween special.

When the next episode will be entering the arena to do battle to find out which is the strongest, most deadly and dangerous monster there is this Halloween.

To be continued.